Information about Vicinity Virtual Reality

How it works

How it works

For Guests:
Search for your nearest host and browse their listing for details about the experience. The listing will tell you how much the session will cost, its duration, and the maximum number of additional guests you can bring. If you like what you see, select a date from the calendar, and click "Request Booking". Following payment, the Host will either accept or decline your request. If your booking is accepted, the fee will be debited from your account, and the Host will then message you privately with their address, and to agree an arrival time.

After your visit, rate the experience your host has provided via the site.

*Please note that bookings must be made at least three days in advance of the session date.

For Hosts:
In order to add a public listing, first create your profile by selecting "Sign-Up" in the top right hand corner of the homepage, then select "Post a listing", also found in the top right. Proceed to fill out the fields, detailing your VR platform, your session price and duration, your library, and finally your rough geographical location (E.g: Highbury, London). It is also advisable to include pictures of your set-up/VR space.

Once you've confirmed a guest's booking request, you will be required to message them via the site with your exact address, and also to organise a time for their arrival. Sessions begin once you have taught your guests how to navigate your set-up, not at their arrival time.

After your guest has departed, give them a rating via the site.